Physics 101 SE


Easily solve different types of physics formulas


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Physics is one of the most challenging courses for students in school. The variety and magnitude of problems that can be encountered by students based on its laws are a real challenge for many.

More than one student would have loved to have a support tool such as Physics 101 SE to solve many of this subject’s formulas.

The number of different formulas that the program helps you solve reaches a whopping 150. They cover several different branches of physics: thermodynamics, energy, fluids, magnetism, mass, kinematics, etc. With Physics 101 SE students can also learn the nomenclature of more than 500 variables included in the formulas.

The best thing included in Physics 101 SE is, without a doubt, the generation of graphic representations of some of the formulas: electric circuits, orbits, projectiles, free body diagrams...

Also compatible with Windows Vista


Not all features are available and you cannot modify some values.

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